Group Agreement

Our AGM and Members’ Event is online this year. 

Some of the discussion spaces will be run as zoom ‘meetings’. This means they are not public or recorded, you have to sign up to them separately, there is a maximum number of participants, and everyone can speak and share their camera if they want to.

Other talks or panels will be run as zoom ‘webinars’, which means your camera and audio won’t be switched on (so you can’t be seen or heard). You can communicate with us, the NSUN team, through the chat or the Q&A function on Zoom. Here are some of the principles from our group agreement for the chat/Q&A.

Please email if you have any technical difficulties during the event. 


  • Let’s take a non-judgmental approach, for each other and our different experiences and roles 
  • Let’s be inclusive and welcoming of difference and diversity – to keep these spaces safe, we will challenge the use of offensive, derogatory or discriminatory language and remove anyone who makes others feel unsafe.
  • Please challenge an issue not the person
  • All questions are valid
  • Be mindful of other people’s views and beliefs
  • Only share what you feel comfortable sharing and be considerate and respectful of people’s information


  • Humour is welcome – as long as it doesn’t offend others
  • Feel free to swear, but please don’t swear at other people
  • Try to keep your language accessible, for example try not to use acronyms or abbreviations without explanation


  • Feel free to share ideas and themes outside of the discussion, but please don’t share other people’s personal experiences which they have shared in the chat/Q&A 
  • Please don’t screenshot or live tweet what is shared in the chat/Q&A. It’s OK to share what the speakers/panellists are saying.
  • Just like in a face-to-face group, we can’t guarantee that confidentiality won’t be broken by others- please only share in the chat/Q&A what you are comfortable sharing

If you would like to speak to someone from the NSUN team directly about an issue you are experiencing, please use the dropdown box in the chat to speak to Zoe Kirby/Amy Wells/Ruairi White/Akiko Hart directly. You can also email us at if you are experiencing technical difficulties or need assistance accessing the event.